"As with all interventions, there were daily surprises requiring fast thinking and revisions in the plan, constant communication via telephone to the interested parties, and exclusion of the parties who were not perceived as trusted by our son. Steve orchestrated the entire drama with insight and finesse. Within 48 hours of the family meeting in which support was withdrawn, our son decided on his own to go to the facility. Steve then drove him, and later advised us that there was indeed an extremely serious drug addiction. All this was accomplished without our son being required to admit drug use to the family members or to his friends. We have confidence that because he went voluntarily, he will eventually lead a drug-free life."

"I have helped hundreds of families achieve this goal. 

I can help yours too."

Addiction Intervention:

What needs to be done in order to get someone to accept the help they need quickly, without force, humiliation or confrontation.

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Dear Steve, 
I can't seem to find the right words to express how grateful we are for the intervention with our son.   I thought intervention was a third party who helped communication between the addict and the family.  I did not realize the scope of your job. Not only did you become a friend and an ally for our son but you also taught me (the mother) the importance of my role in my son's addiction.   You overcame an addict's hostility to treatment, a father who was at the end of the line, a controlling emotional mother and a legal system that was not cooperating.  Each of these things are difficult in themselves but throw all four together and you have an uphill battle.  All this you overcame without being confrontational and letting things get out of hand.

I found strength in your words and I will never forget you or your words of wisdom.  In closing, I will simply say THANK YOU!!!!!!   Please feel free to use James or I as a reference.

Steve Bruno

Addiction And Alcohol intervention

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A goal without a plan...

Sorry this note has come so late. It is partly because I was having a hard time thinking of the right words to express to you my thanks and my feelings. How can I thank someone for rescuing and saving my precious child? My child that was determined to destroy her life with drugs. How you worked your magic with all our crazy family problems I will never truly understand. You came on the scene with such a positive attitude. The moment we met I knew we had found the solution to our inability to get through to her. The first meeting gave me hope I had given up on, and your first meeting with her was just perfect. You are so great with your talent to get to the center, what is real, from all the lies and excuses. God bless you Steve. I wish I could tell everyone with a loved child battling with these horrid drugs to call you. I will be forever grateful to you, and grateful for following up to see that everything is going okay, and it is. Keep doing what you're doing. It is your calling."

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